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BT14: A day & night of talks, performances and music
A week before the official closure of the Baltic Triennial's 14th edition, the 27th of August marks the final week with a day and night of gatherings at the CAC and Empty Brain Resort. Echoing the central queer stance of the exhibition, this event highlights the present and past of the Triennial in tandem with urgent questions regarding non-normative agencies and positions in Central and Eastern European region. The event is articulated around discourse, performance and celebration. The day kicks-off with a look back towards the first edition of the Triennial with the Artists’ Association members sharing personal experiences about that seminal meeting. The event continues with a lecture by Joanna Zielińska addressing the queer potential of institutions and a series of presentations and a collective conversation on queer practices by Agnė Jokšė, Edvinas Grinkevičius, Karol Radziszewski, and Laima Kreivytė. This first part of the event concludes by sunset with performances by Ania Nowak and Antanas Lučiūnas. The nocturnal festivities open with the cabaret performance by Edvinas Grinkevičius/Querelle and continue with a live act of Liudmila (Milda Januševičiūtė and Miša Skalskis). As the night becomes dusk the sounds of Caline with C and The Social Lover will draw our bodies together in a dancing celebration of The Endless Frontier.

Friday, August 27th

CAC, Vokiečių St. 2, Vilnius

1 - 2.30 PM at CAC Reading Room
An afternoon of memoirs. A talk about the 1st Baltic Triennial (1979) with its founders and participants.
Moderated by Eglė Ganda Bogdanienė and Valentinas Klimašauskas.
Organised together with the Lithuanian Artists’ Association.
The event will be held in Lithuanian.

3 PM at CAC Reading Room
Joanna Zielińska “Queering Institutions” (lecture and Q&A).
The event will be held in English.

4 - 6.30 PM at CAC Reading Room
Edvinas Grinkevičius, Agnė Jokšė, Karol Radziszewski, and Laima Kreivytė: “Practice & Context. Queer Agencies in Eastern and Central Europe.”
Short presentations followed by conversation and Q&A.
Moderated by Valentinas Klimašauskas and João Laia.
The event will be held in English.

7 - 7.30 PM at CAC

Ania Nowak “Agonal Respirations”. Performance. New commission.

7.30 PM at CAC
Antanas Lučiūnas “TRICK VALLEY: FEAR & ABUNDANCE”. Performance. New commission.

Empty Brain Resort, Vitebsko St. 23, Vilnius

6.00 PM Opening of “Fabulist Manifesto: Audio / Visual Agitprop (for Children)” by “Studio for Propositional Cinema” at “Swallow” project space
6.30 PM Snacks, drinks and music at the courtyard of “Empty Brain Resort”

10.30 PM Edvinas Grinkevičius / Querelle “I Need My Nails Done“. Performance
11.00 PM Liudmila (Milda Januševičiūtė and Miša Skalskis). Live Act
11.30 PM Caline with C and The Social Lover. DJ set

Visitors to the "Empty Brain Resort" will only be admitted with an EU digital Covid certificate (or Opportunity Passport for Lithuanians).

All the events of “A day & night of talks, performances and music” are free of charge.

Financed by: Lithuanian Council for Culture
Main Partner of the BT14: Government of Flanders
Supported by: Baltic Culture Fund, Goethe-Institut Vilnius, Frame Contemporary Art Finland, Danish Arts Foundation
Media Partners:, GO Vilnius, „JCDecaux“, LRT
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BT14: A day & night of talks, performances and music
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